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Papa's Last Words: They Lied About God

Papa's Last Words
They Lied About God

By R. H. Ben-Shlaom

Ever wonder who God is? Ever find unexplainable inconsistencies within mainstream Christianity?

If you are a Christian and you are completely comfortable in your walk with God, then this book is not for you.


If you are a Christian and you feel that something is missing in mainstream Christianity...
If you are a Christian and have questions to which your leaders have not been able to provide a satisfactory answer...

If you are a Christian and know that there is more to Christianity than meets the eye...

Then this book is for you!


Boundaries protect and nurture growth, but boxes inhibit it.


Boxes are the ideas handed down by well-meaning parents and mainstream culture that do not withstand honest and true examination. It is the elephant’s rope that illogically constrains.


Break boxes.


  • This book tackles the inconsistencies of mainstream concepts in order to encourage accuracy in one’s walk and divine relationship.

  • It will rouse you to reassess the origin of the Trinity and the validity of orthodoxy.

  • It reveals why people have forgotten the Name of God.

  • It reveals God’s identity within the rift between Judaism and Christianity.

  • It will shift paradigms and lionize the ancient path of God.


An incendiary undertaking, Papa’s Last Words: They Lied About God mercilessly removes cultural biases, the lingering effects of archaic politics, and the seductions of human pride in order to present the unadulterated truth. It takes a raw look at mainstream Christianity and investigates the questions that most avoid or answer with misaligned clichés. It aims to open the eyes upon the timeless beauty of God. The intent is not to offend. The intent is to make God known.



"The author explains the history of Christianity, which began as a sect of Judaism and later enlarged as Gentiles became Christian. He has a vast knowledge of Judaism and Christianity differences and goes to great lengths to explain those differences and various tenants of the Christian faith by denominational beliefs. This is a well-researched and footnoted book, which would provide the researcher with the fundamental values and differences between Christianity, Judaism, and Messianic Jews and how each view Y'hoshua. This book is the author's legacy to his children about his belief in God and Jesus."


"In Papa's Last Words: They Lied About God, R. H. Ben-Shalom allows us to peer into a love letter to his children concerning what he considers the most dire matter in his life: his relationship with the Creator of the universe. This book takes a hard look at who God is and challenges many assumptions, misconceptions, and distortions of truth that have crept into mainstream Christianity throughout the millennia. I highly encourage you to push through parts that initially offend you and weigh the conclusions honestly for yourself. Ben-Shalom intentionally upsets the religious status quo by examining a well-sourced history of evolving ideology in Christianity and Judaism and brings the reader back to the primary truth that God is who He says He is. Ultimately, the author sets out to equip his children with the tools to know who God is, understand His Scriptures, and begin to build a personal relationship with Him. As readers, you and I are able to reap the benefits of diligent research and a sincere desire to live in a close relationship with God. They Lied About God is the first of three messages, and I am looking forward to the next installment."


"This book is structured as a letter to the author's children: with so many competing doctrines and ideologies within mainstream religion, how can you know what's true? It's a well-researched and well-cited evaluation of a wide range of topics for scriptural (and contextual) accuracy. It addresses things like whether the name of the Lord should be used, keeping the Sabbath, blessing food before eating, and anointing. I agree wholeheartedly with the author's statement that, "Relationship with God is neither about academic knowledge nor the number of commandments that you obey, but a heart of worship and a life of action, a life of love."


"An intriguing book exploring different religious teachings throughout the centuries in a quest for truth. The author carefully refers to the scriptures to make his point as he dives into all aspects of religion. He offers his views as he touches on topics like politics, science, philosophy, history, and much more.

     The book is full of words of encouragement to have faith and never give up on the most important relationship of all - your relationship with God - especially when faced with life's difficulties.

     The message in this book is ultimately about the search for absolute truth and love. A quote I really like from the book is, 'Only if you have the freedom to choose love does love become real.'"


"Ben-Shalom starts this book with an excellent dissection of common 'Christian-ese' vernacular that sometimes is contrary to the truth. Continuing, a delve into a deeper understanding of the progression of modern day religious sects and denominations juxtaposed to the original Torah, Prophets, Gospels, etc. is detailed.

     Ben-Shalom's level of detail and meticulous references of not only scripture, but other authors, and scholars does well in aiding the reader in progressing through what I am sure had been years of study.

    This book will challenge what you thought you knew (which, I guess can be surmised from the title).

    It is obvious Ben-Shalom seeks the truth, regardless of modern day religious views, or even historically adopted traditions. The concluding chapter, though the entire work is a letter to his children, is a call to seek the truth, the true one, YHWH.

    Thank you, Ben-Shalom for sharing your journey. Sincerely glad this is now part of my collection."