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Papa's Last Words
They Lied About God


Papa's Last Words II
Salvation Is a Journey

Jerusalem Old City and Temple Mount at N
The Alamo,  San Antonio, Texas
Philippine Islands

About R. H. Ben-Shalom

A loving father

R. H. Ben-Shalom, Amazon best-selling author of Papa's Last Words: They Lied About God, is a Filipino Ashkenazi Jew, raised Roman Catholic. Parental upbringing brought him to the throne of the divine, but child abuse pushed him into the arms of God. Baptized as an infant and immersed while in college, Ben-Shalom lived the same lack of discipleship that many Christians experienced. After he examined the major religions of the world, the Lord led him to the Bible when religious leaders could not answer his childhood questions. He spent the next two decades devoted to the Scriptures and pledged that his children would not lack a mentor.

He continues seeking answers to new questions through studying cultural and historical contexts, scholarly works, ancient religious texts, and meditation on the Scriptures, while refining his understanding through dialogue with respected elders from a variety of Christian denominations.

Surviving his grandparents, parents, and six siblings, the impermanence of earthly life became very real. Ben-Shalom welcomes readers to share in his legacy for his children, a legacy of insights concerning the greatest import of life: God and His salvation.


He lives in Texas with his family.

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