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About R. H. Ben-Shalom

A loving father

R. H. Ben-Shalom is a Filipino Ashkenazi Jew, raised Roman Catholic. Parental upbringing brought him to the throne of the divine, but child abuse pushed him into the arms of God. Needing to find the answers for himself when religious leaders could not answer his childhood questions of the Nephilim, he researched the major religions and concluded the truth was somewhere else; it was in the Bible. He now seeks answers to new questions through ancient religious texts, meditation, cultural and historical insights, and scholarly works, while refining his understanding through dialogue with respected elders.


Surviving his grandparents, parents, and six siblings, the impermanence of earthly life became very real. Ben-Shalom felt the need to pass a legacy of his understanding and testimony down to his children concerning the greatest import of life: God.


He lives in Texas with his family.



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