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Papa's Last Words II
Salvation Is a Journey

By R. H. Ben-Shalom

Ever investigated the topic of salvation and found so many conflicting answers? Or it didn't quite fit every verse you've ever read? Got into a heated discussion about the topic and then started wondering what the Bible really said about it?

Discover covenant relationship.

If you are a Christian and you think "works" are contrary to grace, or you believe in "once saved, always saved," then this book might be a stumbling block or a waste of your time.


If you want to know the gospel as Christ preached it, more than the modern gospel built on misunderstanding Paul...

If you are a Christian and sense that current trends in Christianity have abused and warped God's grace...

If you still haven't quite grasped the "works vs. grace" argument...

Then this book is for  you!

Pulling from the cultural foundation of the Messiah and the apostles' Second Temple worldview, R. H. Ben-Shalom provides a messianic perspective on the interweaving ingredients of biblical salvation:

  • Humility

  • Gospel

  • Grace

  • Justification

  • Sanctification

  • Faith

  • Covenant

  • Confession

  • Baptism

  • Holy Spirit


The gravity of the full gospel empowers, but the people of God perish from a lack of knowledge. The important roles of cultural context to understanding the Scriptures and the history of our origin to discern the accuracy of our modern theology must return. 

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